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Safer Skies Through Education

To improve the Nation's aviation safety record by conveying safety principles and practices through training, outreach, and education. At the same time, FAASTeam Managers and Program Managers will establish meaningful aviation industry alliances and encourage continual growth of a positive safety culture within the aviation community.

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Dennis H. Whitley

Lead Representative - FAA Safety Team


Pilot Operations | Airspace | Technically Advanced Aircraft
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Dennis H. Whitley is an experienced Airline Transport Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor with Advanced Ground and Instrument Instructor privileges, with 30 years Private, Corporate, Airline Transport, and Instrument Instructor experience. He has accumulated over 7,000 hours of flight time in various piston, turbine and turbojet aircraft. He is certificated under both the FAA and the CAA, and has flown as aerial photography, aerobatics, chemical application, sky diver, corporate, freight, and commercial passenger pilot 135 and 121 operations during his career. Dennis has over 30 years of experience as an MEL/SEL Instrument instructor, and holds the advanced ground and advanced instrument instructor certificates from the FAA.

Dennis is also an FAA safety Team (FAASTeam) Lead Representative, Safety Consultant, and airman counselor in the Central Florida Area. Dennis and his wife speak at many Aviation Safety Seminars throughout the country. Last year, Dennis and his wife conducted over 65 Safety Seminars and CFI Workshops throughout the region He also serves on the board of the Florida Association of Flight Instructors, and serves on the board of the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 175.

Dennis is the Vice President of The Tampa Bay Aviation Association, and, serves on the Board of EAA Chapter 175 as their Program Chair.

Dennis is also a pioneer in Television Broadcasting with a career consisting of over 35 years of experience in Engineering, Sales and Marketing. He was instrumental in the design and development of engineering facilities for the 1996 summer Olympic Games in Atlanta Georgia and has written numerous articles for Broadcast Engineering Magazine and other engineering magazines. Dennis was director of engineering for NBC Atlanta and also served as Chief Engineer for WestStar Television in the Cayman Islands. He currently is the Chief Production Engineer for the FAA Safety Team National Resource Center Studios in Lakeland Florida, and continues to consult for several engineering facilities throughout the U.S..

Dennis was nominated for two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Television Programming Excellence - Live Special Events, and another Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Television Programming Excellence - Live Television Directing.

Dennis is also quite a talented musician of 40 years. He is an avid Bass player and loves all types of music. Admittedly, his favorite genre is Country Music where he has recorded several albums and worked in Nashville appearing on may shows such as the famous Earnest Tubb's Record Shop Friday Night Radio Show.

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